Jacob Bates

Meet The Creator

Hey I’m Jacob and the creator of Anime Rice. Anime has been a part of my life for more than 20 years and I’m a self confessed Otaku! 

Anime has bought me a lot of joy and I want to share that joy with you all. Like many of you I started watching anime when I was a kid before school. 

I soon found myself going to events in my city that had anything to do with anime. You can usually find me playing video games or catching up on missed anime episodes. 

Meet Mary Our Chief Editor/Publisher

Hey I’m Mary and I’m the chief editor and publisher at Anime Rice. 

Fun Fact: Jacob and I met at the Anime Convention!

My days are spent editing and publishing awesome content for you guys as well as watching anime and playing video games alongside Jacob. 

In my free time I like to write, read and stay active. Like all of you I’m a huge anime fan. 


Meet The Writer

Hey I’m Thomas and the writer for Anime Rice. 

I’m a huge fan of all things anime. Call me predictable but, my go-to anime is Dragon Ball Z. I also love watching any good anime fight scene, especially if they feature a kawaii girl. 


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