15 Anime Love Scene You Need To Watch In 2021

Snake Girl (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls)

monster musume

Forget normal relationships as this scene from Monster Musume features a lamia, also known as a snake girl, named Miia.

As Miia and a young human boy named Kimihito Kurusu live together, Kimihito finds himself waking up in Miia’s loving embrace.

In this weird erotic anime love scene, Kimihito finds it very hard to catch his breath as the snake girl keeps on tightening her grip around him. The grip gets so tight that Miia’s shirt unbuttons itself and makes the scene even more intense.

Eventually, Kimihito saves himself by discovering Miia’s one sexual weak spot. The tip of Miia’s tail is extremely sensitive just like a, you know…

Kimihito grabs her tail before passing out and starts to rub it in in a very sexual manner in order to loosen the grip around him.

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls is filled to the brim with many other scenes just like this one as this anime features tons of monster girls that eventually form Kimihito’s personal harem. 

Foodgasms (Food Wars)

anime love scene, food wars

This show literally portrays romantic relationships with food as the ultimate form of pleasure. The pleasure gained from food is so unrealistically great that one’s clothes could get completely torn from sexual pleasure.

Yup, all of this foodgasm nonsense must be sounding quite weird to you if you have not watched Food Wars yourself. Let’s take a closer look at one of my favorite foodgasms in the entire series!

This particular scene takes place in the second episode, and it does not involve any kind of romance! With the nickname “God’s Tongue,” Erina Nakiri is famous in the world of Food Wars for her amazing palate, and she is a fan-favorite character.

However, even a girl like this gets completely blown away once she tastes Souma’s incredible cooking. When Souma explains that he is making furikake rice for Erina, she gets angry as a simple dish like this couldn’t possibly satisfy her taste buds.

After taking just a single bite of Souma’s furikake rice, Erina gives out a moan.

After a few more bites, Erina gets transferred to this wonderful world inside her own mind. In this world, many small angels that look like Souma show up and start to strip and tickle her as she sexually moans. Okay, this is definitely one of the weirdest entries on this list!

Werewolf Sex (Wolf Children)

wolf children

This entry in the list comes from an anime movie, and it sounds like the weirdest scene ever. However, in reality, this is the most wholesome entry in the entire list that involves feelings of romance and love.

I don’t really know if this sex scene can even be classified as an erotic scene, but we had to put something wholesome in here in order to tackle all of the weirdness.

This scene shows us how the love between a werewolf and a human blossoms as they both learn to slowly understand each other.

Ookami and Hana find each other randomly at college one day, and they start talking. Once they get close enough, Ookami reveals to Hana that he is actually a werewolf.

To his surprise, Hana does not really get scared of him; instead, the two grow even closer after the big reveal.

Ookami and Hana engage in sexual intercourse and end up having a cute little werewolf girl. A few months later, Hana gives birth to another cute little werewolf! This entry in the list definitely touches my heart.

Toothbrush Scene (Nisemonogatari)


Remember how I said that the previous entry in this list is the most wholesome? Well, this scene might appear to be even more wholesome and kawaii as it features a big brother helping his little sister brush her teeth!

I’m just kidding… This is probably one of the most disturbing erotic scenes on this list. By the way, the anime sex scenes are absolutely beautiful.

Like I said before, this scene just shows us a brother brushing his sister’s teeth. However, he brushes her teeth in such a sensual manner that she starts to moan due to sexual arousal.

Karen starts to blush and rub both of her legs together because of all the sexual tension. As the brother named Koyomi keeps on going, Karen gives out a very clear moan that starts to arouse him as well.

As if everything that has happened so far was not bad enough, Koyomi starts to get on top of Karen and takes his hand towards her breast. Luckily, someone steps in the room and stops them before things get too out-of-hand.

This infamous toothbrush scene that showcases a cute family scene just makes you scream at the top of your lungs, “what the heck Japan?”

Incest is Wincest (Yosuga no Sora)

Yosuga no Sora

If the previous scene on my list disgusted you because of its incestuous nature, then you should definitely skip over this entry in the list as it takes incest to a whole new level.

This Hentai Sex Scenes star two fraternal twins named Haruka and Sora, who begin to get a little too close after the death of their parents.

While at first, this love is completely platonic, the two begin to see each other as sexual partners as the series progresses. There are many erotic scenes in this anime, but the one between these two siblings in the final episode of the anime definitely takes the cake.

While Haruka is feeling frustrated because of his feelings towards his sister, Sora approaches her, and straight-up asks him to kiss her. After a brief pause, Haruka loses all control and just jumps onto Sora, throwing her onto the futon.

He takes off Sora’s shirt and starts to aggressively make out with her. As he is licking her breasts, Sora asks him to literally screw her brains out!

Haruka returns to his senses and begins to cry, but Sora does not feel ashamed and tells her brother that they should not care about society.

After a lot of drama, the two eventually have a relationship among siblings by the end of the series.

THEY KISSED! (Toradora)


Just like the “Werewolf Sex” entry on this list, this one is also not necessarily an erotic scene. However, it definitely deserves a spot on my list as it is one of the best love scenes in the history of “romantic anime series”!

Toradora is a rom-com anime that features a scary-looking serious guy named Ryuuji Takasu and a feisty little cutie named Taiga Aisaka.

At the start of the series, the two seemed to never get along even a single bit. But over the course of 25 episodes, they finally begin to realize their love for each other. The final episode of this anime gave us one of the most passionate and long-awaited kisses in the history of anime.

Taiga and Ryuuji both decide that they want to get married to each other after getting their families’ blessings. As they are talking about marriage, Taiga says that the two of them should practice saying their vows and kissing each other before they do it in front of everyone.

Being all flustered and embarrassed, Ryuuji just gives Taiga a simple peck on the lips. Right after this failed attempt, Ryuuji and Taiga share a few passionate and beautiful kisses with each other. This cute couple definitely deserves all of our praise!

I MUST WATCH YOU PEE (Prison School)

prison school

Prison School is the funniest ecchi anime of all time that every anime fan or oppai needs to watch at least once.

This anime is filled to the brim with tons of weird, chaotic, and sexual jokes in the series that make you laugh uncontrollably. Today, we’ll be focusing on the scenes between Hana Midorikawa and Kiyoshi Fujino.

Because they had tried to peep on girls as they were taking a bath, Kiyoshi and his friends got put in jail inside their own high school.

At this jail, a group of powerful women oversee these boys and make sure that they behave. One day Kiyoshi accidentally sees Hana peeing as he falls from a tree in front of her.

The girl gets extremely embarrassed and begins to scream and cry. Later, Hana gets obsessed with seeing Kiyoshi pee in front of her in order to get revenge.

When Kiyoshi has to go and use the restroom, Hana follows him and then gets inside the bathroom stall with him.

Kiyoshi tries his very best to stop this girl from taking his pants off, but in the end, he fails and ends up accidentally peeing all over Hana. Hana definitely did not get the revenge that she was looking for!

My Wife is the Student Council President!


This beautiful scene takes place in the second season of the anime, and it features the prettiest anime girls in the entire series.

Rin Misumi is an independent and strong girl who is the head of the disciplinary committee, and she is the favorite character of many fans of this series because of her stunning looks and cute personality.

She strongly opposes the idea of high school students falling in love with each other and believes that they should only be focusing on their studies at this young age.

As the series progresses, this girl slowly starts to develop feelings for Hayato Izumi. While she is at his place one day, Hayato accidentally takes a peek at her naked breasts.

Afterward, he finds it very hard to stop thinking about them. When the two find each other alone at a festival, Rin says that Hayato can grope her breasts and take his lust out on her so that he would not commit any other sexual acts at school.

Our boy takes complete advantage of the situation and starts to feel her up. Eventually, Rin gets too embarrassed and gets away from Hayato. This intimate scene is one of my favorites!

Master-Servant Pact (The Testament of Sisters)

This list of hot scenes can never be complete without the inclusion of this incestuous scene. Luckily, it features step-siblings! Barasa was not really aware of the fact that his new step-sisters were both demons when they first became a part of the family.

After tons of drama, Basara finds out that they both are actually demons and the girls find out that Basara is actually a part of the hero clan.

Basara and Mio decide to form a master-servant pact with each other in order to strengthen their bond and get stronger together.

While performing the ritual, Maria messes up and makes Basara the master instead of Mio. After Mio disobeys Basara, she gets put under a lot of sexual pressure.

Now, Basara must provide her with enough sexual pleasure to revert her back to normal. While the scene starts off a bit slow because of Basara’s hesitation, he eventually caves in and starts to properly fondle her breasts.

The Ultimate Revenge (Redo of Healer)

If you looking for love or romance, then you should definitely skip over this entry in the list as it features a rape scene!

This scene comes from a relatively new ecchi anime, and it will definitely disturb most of you. Keyaru used to be a very innocent and caring young boy, who one day found out that he is one of the heroes of his kingdom and is destined to defeat the demon king in order to save his people.

Once it is revealed that Keyaru’s power as a hero is healing, everyone around him suddenly starts to despise him.

While his powers were absolutely remarkable, everyone in the kingdom starts to loath him. His situation worsens once he finds out that whenever he heals someone, he will also feel the same amount of pain that the person felt because of their injuries.

Keyaru refuses to heal any more people because of the immense pain.

The princess of the kingdom named Flare starts to drug Keyaru and forces him to use his abilities for many years.

After some years, Keyaru finally manages to somehow go back in time and exact his revenge on this ruthless princess. He, first of all, rips off her clothes and then starts to break all of her fingers one by one.

After breaking her fingers, he takes the rest of her clothes off and makes her legs unusable. Keyaru then proceeds to aggressively rape her as she cries for mercy.

Now, that is what you can view as the ultimate form of revenge! In the end, he takes away Flare’s memories and turns her into his slave. You can find many other disturbing sexy scenes in the other episodes of this anime.