The 13 Best Horror Anime Series You Need To Watch

The Flowers of Evil

flowers of evil

The art style of this Japanese anime is enough to send chills running down your spine! The Flowers of Evil is a very realistic and creepy anime that doesn’t really show us any demons or evil spirits to create a sense of horror.

The sense of horror in this anime is created by human beings themselves and how they interact with each other.

The plot of this anime follows the story of Takao Kasuga, a normal young boy who loves to read. This boy has a crush on his classmate named Saeki Nanako, but he only adores her from a safe distance. One day, this boy forgets his book in his class. When he goes back to retrieve it, Takao finds Saeki’s gym uniform and ends-up stealing it.

Now, everyone in this boy’s class knows that some pervert stole Saeki’s uniform, and Takao feels extremely guilty. Also, a girl from his class saw him steal the uniform.

The Junji Ito Collection

The Junji Ito Collection

Junji Ito is hailed as one of the best horror mangakas in the entire world. This man knows the perfect ways of portraying a sense of terror through his work. The Junji Ito Collection is the first-ever anime adaption of Junji Ito’s work.

However, it is not the best anime adaption, and this man’s work definitely deserves better. But I would still recommend this anime if you are new to Junji Ito’s work and the genre of horror itself. After watching it, you should definitely go and read the original work by Junji Ito!

This anime adaption shows us many different horrifying tales that have been created by the legendary Junji Ito. Tales about demonic creatures that will make you shake with fear and endless nightmares.

This anime will show you that horror is present in every single corner, and there is no escape. Watch The Junji Ito Collection very careful consideration because it will truly leave some of you traumatized.

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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is a horror anime that is based on a manga of the same name, and this anime is truly saddening and packed to the brim with excitement. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is an extremely short anime, and it has pretty good animation.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a group of high school students, who gather together at their school to say farewell to each other. Using small paper charms, the friends perform a ritual in order to remain friends forever.

The students did not realize that the charms were actually connected to an elementary school that was destroyed because of its tragic past.

In fact, the high school of these students stands at the same place where that horrifying elementary school used to stand. Because of their ritual, the students get trapped in an alternate universe that is filled with vengeful spirits and other evil beings.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is not necessarily a horror anime, but it can still be a pretty good watch for the type of people that are looking for something slightly horrifying.

This anime is hailed as an absolute masterpiece and considered one of the best anime of all time, it features a brilliant cast of characters and breathtaking animation.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a young man named Eren. Eren lives in a tragic world in which beings called Titans exist. These humongous mindless creatures only want to devour each and every human being in this entire world.

The titans have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction! Thankfully, the remaining humans live inside colossal walls in order to protect themselves from these giants.

The walls have remained standing for almost 100 years; however, they will definitely not remain standing for long. Our protagonist is a brave soldier who wants to eradicate all of these titans and bring peace to this wretched world.

Parasyte The Maxim

Parasyte The Maxim

Parasyte -The Maxim- is another slight horror anime that can be enjoyed by all types of horror fans. This psychological anime will keep all of you at the edges of your seats thanks to its well-written story. The animation of Parasyte -The Maxim- is also just as good as its story.

The plot of this anime follows the story of Shinichi Izumi, a young high schoolboy. Shinichi lives in a world that suddenly gets attacked by weird parasitic aliens. These aliens attack humans and take full control of their brains.

One day, a parasite attacks Shinichi. Luckily, Shinichi is able to stop the parasite before it was able to take control of his brain. However, the parasite still manages to take complete control of this boy’s right hand.

Now, the parasite (named Migi) and Shinichi are forced to live together and fight for their survival. As the story progresses, we see how the personalities of both of these characters develop, and they become better friends.

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a horrifying psychological anime that will make you believe that humanity itself was a mistake. The story of this horror anime is traumatic and filled with lots of twists and turns that will keep you engaged. Elfen Lied was animated by studio Arms, and it has pretty decent animation for its time.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a young girl named Lucy, who is a special breed of human beings referred to as “Diclonius.” Lucy was born having two beautiful horns and invisible telekinetic hands. Unfortunately, this poor girl gets abducted by the government, and she is subjected to the most terrorizing types of experimentation.

One day, an opportunity arises, and Lucy uses it to kill all of her captors and escape. However, as she is escaping, Lucy gets a pretty bad head injury that causes her to develop split personalities. Will this poor girl be able to survive in this tragic world?

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

Defined by many as a masterpiece of intellectuality, Serial Experiment Lain is seen as a timeless classic in the world of horror anime. This beautiful show has a very complex and insanely beautiful story that will make you question life itself.

The art style of this series is quite different and unique, and it has been animated by studio Triangle Staff.

The plot of Serial Experiments lain follows the story of Lain Iwakura, an awkward young girl. One day, Lain and many of her schoolmates receive an email from a girl named Chisa Yomoda, who had recently committed suicide.

Lain did not really know much about technology, but once she opens the email, it takes her into a virtual world called The Wired. After this bizarre event, weird things start to happen all around lain! Slowly the boundary between reality and The Wired starts to fade away, and Lain’s life begins to change completely.


Shiki Horror Anime

Of course, a horror anime list can never be complete that doesn’t include stars vampires. Shiki is not your average vampire anime as it can be a truly horrifying watch. This anime has a pretty unique style of animation that has been portrayed brilliantly by studio Daume.

The plot of this anime follows the story of two protagonists named Toshio Ozaki and Natsuno Yuuki. The story begins after the sudden death of an upbeat girl named Megumi Shimizu, who always dreamt about living a happy life in some big city.

After her death, a strange disease starts to plague the village of Sotoba, and many people start to lose their lives. The young doctor named Toshio Ozaki believes that this is not just a disease, but something far more sinister.

On the other hand, Natsuno Yuuki is an antisocial boy who is traumatized because of the death of his friend Megumi. Will the two of them be able to uncover the reality together?

Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent is an old classic in the world of horror anime that has been brilliantly animated by studio Madhouse. The best thing about this anime is its brilliant and unique style of animation that makes it stand out.

The premise of this anime is literally nightmare-fueling, and it is a must-watch for every fan of the horror genre.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a young and mysterious anime boy named Shounen Bat. This boy goes around in Musashino city on his rollerblades and beats different people with his golden baseball bat.

With a timid character designer named Tsukiko Sagi being his first victim, this boy goes on to assault different residents of the city and catching him seems like an impossible task.

Two detectives named Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa start to investigate the case of this strange boy as he keeps on terrorizing the minds of innocent people. 

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a psychological horror anime movie that shows us just how twisted life can be. This anime shows us the reality of the world of fame and success. Despite getting released back in 1998, this movie has pretty decent animation that will quickly draw you in. The premise of this movie is also quite unique and realistic.

The plot of Perfect Blue follows the story of a young girl named Mima Kirigoe, who used to be a part of the famous J-pop idol group ‘CHAM!’. The young girl decides to leave the group in order to focus on her acting career and build a different life for herself.

Mima’s life starts to take a turn for the worst as soon as she decides to leave her comfort zone. The acting career starts to get more and more demanding for her, a former fan starts to stalk her and a strange website on the internet starts to mysteriously explain her everyday life.

All of these things start to add up, and Mima’s mental health begins to deteriorate.



Seen as a classic in the world of horror anime, Monster is a series that definitely deserves the number 3rd spot on my list. This amazing anime has a somewhat realistic style of animation, and it portrays a pretty disturbing story.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a doctor known as Kenzou Tenma. Kenzou Tenma is a brilliant doctor who is married to the daughter of his hospital’s director.

One day, while performing surgery on some patient, doctor Kenzou gets a call from the director of his hospital who asks him to perform an urgent surgery of a famous performer instead. Doctor Kenzou Tenma successfully performs the surgery on the performer, but because of his choice, the poor worker loses his life.

Sometime later, a similar situation arises once again, but this time Doctor Kenzou Tenma decides to perform surgery on a young boy instead of the town’s mayor. However, did the doctor make the right choice?



Another is another (pun intended) horrifying anime on my list that will haunt all of your dreams. Its amazing story, a memorable cast of characters and brilliant animation make Another one of the best horror anime in the entire world.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a young boy named Kouichi Sakakibara, who has just moved to the quiet and mysterious town of Yomiyama.

Kouichi becomes a student at Yomiyama north, and the boy quickly discovers that the entire school is surrounded by a strange and creepy atmosphere. He finds a weird girl in his classroom, who wears an eye-patch on her left eye and gets ignored by every single person at the school.

As Kouichi starts to get closer to this mysterious girl, strange and disturbing things start to happen all around him, and his friends begin to die. Will Kouichi be able to find out the truth regarding this strange new place before it’s too late?

When They Cry

when they cry

When They Cry is an unexpectedly horrifying show that will get you completely invested. This anime always manages to catch us by surprise as the twists in the story are mind-blowing.

The characters of When They Cry are just as amazing as its astonishing premise. This anime recently got a remake which is currently airing.

The plot of this anime follows the story of a young boy named Keiichi Maebara, who has just moved to the village of Hinamizawa. This new village seems like a pretty nice place to Keiichi, and he makes some pretty good friends at his new school.

While the village seems quite lovely and peaceful from afar, Keiichi soon finds out about the many murders and disappearances that have taken place here in the last few years.

The boy also learns about the mysterious and terrifying curse of Oyashiro, and his peaceful life starts to morph into a living nightmare.