The 12 Best Princess Anime You Have To Watch 

A Princess anime introduces viewers to the daily challenges, pressures, and rewards of being a monarch, by balancing everyday activities such as romance, friendships, and challenges.

Princess anime is often portrayed as being all about love, romance, and magic, but the truth is quite different. 

In general, anime with strong princess leads often include other elements, such as fantasy, drama, and history, but many on this list focus on the ordinary lives of the characters. 

Below are the 12 best princess anime’s you must watch. 

12. Sailor Moon Crystal

sailor moon crystal

Episodes: 39

Usagi is stronger than most other princesses in the show and she fights battles alone, while Mamo-chan (Tuxedo Mask) is there merely to assist her. 

Princess Serenity was reincarnated as Usagi (Sailor Moon) and along with her Sailor guardians protected the Legendary Silver Crystal, after the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. 

Not just a kawaii anime girl, Usagi holds the power in her relationship. Check out Sailor Moon Crystal if you like seeing a princess who is strong enough to fight on her own without the assistance of her prince.

11. Yona of the Dawn

11. Yona of the Dawn

Episodes: 24

Yona of the Dawn tells the story of a Princess who escapes her home after being betrayed by the man she loves. Her quest to reclaim her kingdom involves traveling with four young men in order to fulfill a prophecy. 

Her struggles lead to the development of an independent woman that is not afraid of anything. Yona of the Dawn goes beyond the cliché of a princess who falls in love with a prince by featuring her childhood friend and bodyguard Son as her main love interest.

10. Princess Princess

Episodes: 12

The novel Princess Princess portrays Tooru Kouno’s difficult time at an all-boys school as a series of trials and tribulations. As the days go by, he runs into a gorgeous pink-haired girl on campus. 

After seeing the girl he just saw, he meets Mikoto Yutaka, a student who is remarkably similar to her. Tooru learns that Mikoto is actually the girl, and Yuujirou reveals that he and Mikoto cross-dress to boost the morale of the students by hand-picking attractive first-year students as “Princesses”. Toru then realizes he has been recruited.

This is not your typical princess, but it’s definitely interesting! Tooru was initially shocked by the concept, but eventually became excited by the chance to meet the Princesses. Tooru has suffered tragedy and hardship early in his life. He uses being a princess as a distraction as well as having a strong bond with his peers. In this anime, we see that a princess does not necessarily have to be an anime girl.

9. Dog Days

dog days anime

Episodes: 13

Throughout Dog Days, we follow Cinque Izumi, a middle school student from Earth who gets sucked into a magical portal that takes him across a parallel universe.

Flonyard is an alternate world in which the inhabitants are beings that resemble humans but possess animal-like characteristics, for example, ears and tails. As it stands, war is seen as a sporting event where no one suffers harm, where the victor receives riches, and where the whole thing is a celebration. 

When Cinque agrees to represent Biscotti and the dog-people, he defends them against the feline Galette Leo Knights. Cinque has no idea how to get home so must remain and fight while scientists attempt to understand the cause of his troubling situation.

This princess anime is not only funny, but it also has cute and playful characters. If you’re a fan of dark anime you’ll love this.

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti is the Loli Princess and representative suzerain of Biscotti Republic with a gentle and hardworking personality. When she desperately needs help, the Princess doesn’t hesitate to ask for it. 

In addition to having to confront severe circumstances, some events that happen create the feeling that the world is an unkind and dangerous place.

Stick with this princess anime to see how the story unfolds. 

8. Aldnoah. Zero


Episodes: 12

Aldnoah.Zero is a war anime that depicts a battle between humans and technology during an era of space conquest. 

Humans were able to settle on the moon after discovering a hypergate, eventually discovering advanced technology called Aldnoah. 

Following its discovery, the Vers Empire of Mars was founded and war was declared against those remaining on Earth, known as the Terrans. 

The battle of “Heaven’s Fall” led Earth and Mars to call a ceasefire after the hypergate and moon were destroyed. A fifteen-year truce was ended by the assassination of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia, who sought to mend relations. Terrans and Martians declare war once again.

Despite her title, Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia believes no group of people can be superior to another, thus treating Martians and Terrans as equals. She feels it is her duty as a Princess to end the war. It’s a really good spin to a princess anime.

7. Scrapped Princess

scrapped princess anime

Episodes: 24

There are many who believe that Pacifica Casull, also known as the Scrapped Princess, is capable of destroying the world. 

As Pacifica and her siblings leave the village of Manhurin, the followers of the God Mauser are hunting them down. As they try to escape their terrible fate, their enemies are always close behind. 

Having survived being thrown over a cliff as an infant, the Casulls adopted Scrapped Princess Pacifica. This sweet girl is exceedingly beautiful, kind, and inquisitive, leaving viewers wondering, “Why would this beautiful, kind, and inquisitive girl bring destruction into the world?”?” 

She is seeking to show the world that the future is not set in stone, blaming herself for all the travesties that exist.

6. Amagi Brilliant Park

amagi brilliant park

Episodes: 13

This “princess anime” is about a good-looking, perfectionist boy named Seiya Kanie, who is compelled by the mysterious Isuzu Sento to visit Amagi Brilliant Park, which is in serious financial trouble, and about to shut down forever.

However, when they arrive at the rundown facility, his date becomes somewhat peculiar and Isuzu and Princess Latifa, the park’s owner, approach him and ask him to become the park’s manager. 

The two are getting desperate as the park will close permanently if Amagi does not become a happening place within the next three months. As Seiya discovers, Amagi is not any ordinary amusement park and has magical creatures feeding off of the energy created by people having fun. 

Princess Latifa is enthusiastic, caring and passionate about the health and well being of other people and her business. 

She doesn’t want greedy developers to take over the park. In a world that is increasingly forgetting peace, love, and happiness, it is essential that Amagi remains open. 

In spite of Princess Latifa’s magical power, she goes above and beyond to make this a place that everybody enjoys.

5. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (The World is Still Beautiful)

5. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (The World is Still Beautiful)

Episodes: 12

In the princess anime of Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, rain and snow are unheard of in the Sun Kingdom, since sunshine is the norm there. However, in another kingdom called the Rain Dukedom, the weather is opposite, rain is plentiful, and anyone can create rain with their voice.

Since being crowned king, Livius Ifrikia has made remarkable achievements. Recently, he discovered the power to make rain, which he has used to expand and conquer the Sun Kingdom. 

Livius marries Nike Remercier who is a princess of the Rain Dukedom. Livius, however, has been the subject of vicious rumors outside of the Sun Kingdom, which makes Nike nervous about their union. Consequently, Nike becomes aware that he is not cruel as others claim, but rather an entirely different individual.

The story of this fantasy romance is deep and meaningful without being overly complex. The anime portrays all of Livius’s and Nike’s struggles and victories throughout their relationship, and it shows their growth as individuals as well as lovers. 

As a Princess of humble and simple character, Nike speaks her mind when the occasion requires and is always ready for a challenge. Together, the couple’s kingdoms are a beautiful place because of their willingness to keep pushing through hard times.

4. Princess Principal

Princess principal anime

Episodes: 12

The plot of Princess Principal takes place in the early 20th century during which the discovery of Cavorite accelerated military technology leading to war. 

With no other weapon to destabilize the enemy than espionage, the Kingdom and Commonwealth of Albion are faced with a difficult task. During the day, they study at Queen’s Mayfaire School, while at night they are spies for the Commonwealth.

Princess Charlotte is quite fascinating, which makes her the driving force of Princess Principal. Her public profile allows her to move freely without hiding her identity. 

Despite not being as trained as the other girls, Princess Charlotte has a lot of wit and cleverness to offer. Even though she is quite peculiar in her personality, Princess Charlotte is a great addition to the group.

3. Princess Tutu

princess tutu

Episodes: 38

Princess Tutu is a princess anime set around the mysterious Drosselmeyer transforming Ahiru Arima from a duck into a human girl. Ahiru transforms into Princess Tutu with a magical egg-shaped pendant, an incredibly graceful and talented ballerina whose routines give relief and comfort to her viewers. 

Furthermore, Ahiru must collect the fragments of Prince Myuuto’s heart that have fallen. In the past, Prince Myuuto sacrificed his heart to seal away an evil foe. Her story is one of overcoming obstacles and overcoming beliefs, emotions, and actions so as to reach a magical ending.

When Princess Tutu risks everything to see Prince Myuuto smiling, she discovers what the ultimate sacrifice really means. It’s a colossal task, but she remains positive and selfless. Princess Tutu’s motto is “Whatever it takes”. Sounds like waifu material to me. 

2. Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)

2. Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)

Episodes: 1997 Film

This wonderful film tells the story of Ashitaka, a young prince who defends his people from a demon boar attacking their village. Ashitaka’s arm is cursed by the demon boar, who casts demonic powers that will slowly kill him. As a result, the elders of the village decide Ashitaka should leave the village in order to seek assistance. 

The bold and proud Lady Eboshi, the industrializing force at Iron Town, greets him immediately upon entering the village. Ashitaka serves as a mediator because the divine spirits of the forest and Princess San oppose this change. 

While Ashitaka battles his inner demon, he must also aid the opponents to achieve a proper solution, spreading and balancing power in the right places.

Through Princess Mononoke, we are shown how humanity has affected a changing world. Demons are both figuratively and literally used by Hayao Miyazaki in this film to illustrate humankind’s troubled relationship with nature. 

As Princess San, Miyazaki illustrates how humans have forgotten the value of worshipping the land and caring for it. She is fearless and bold, and nothing will stand in the way of her convictions. 

It really has a way of putting life into perspective and makes you think about your own relationship with our planet. 

1. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)

3. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)

Episodes: 1984 Film

In this stunning animated film, hidden beneath a spectrum of light and airy colors, real-world conflicts are brought to life. The world of Princess Nausicaä is emerging from the apocalypse, or very close to it. 

Positive thinking, strength, and willpower are some of the virtues that citizens can adopt as they go forward in their lives. As a princess, she possesses all the attributes of a leader who will lead her country into the future.

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä is set in the distant future and explores the aftershocks of a nuclear disaster that continues to affect civilization. Their society has been resilient, but the consequences of the “Seven Days of Fire” remain threatening because the ecosystem has made the area into a destructive force bent on destroying humanity. 

Princess Nausicaä works hard to keep hostiles away, in every form, so that her peaceful farmland remains undisturbed and tranquil in the Valley of the Wind, located at the edge of this dangerous jungle.

Conclusion On The Best Princess Anime Series

Princess anime shows us what it means to be a princess beyond the privileged world of money, pretty tiaras, dresses, and jewelry. 

Their resilience in the face of adversity is inspiring. While enduring hard times, these anime princesses don’t lose who they are. Having to make difficult and selfless decisions time and time again. 

I think we can all learn something from watching any of the animes on the list!