Top 15 Gamer Girl Anime You Must Watch

Anime often reflects real life and covers almost every topic and genre. One of the most popular anime styles is known as Gamer girl anime. Unsurprisingly many gamer girl anime series out there draw huge popularity. 

Anime gamer girls have everything that the normal anime girl has, but with the addition of being a gamer. They understand that online games cannot be paused!

In this list, we will celebrate 15 gamer girl anime characters.

1. Kirino Kousaka (Oreimo)

Kirino Kousaka gamer girl anime

Kirino is a 14-year-old loli gamer girl who tends to develop a perfectionist attitude with anything that she is interested in. 

So when it comes to gaming, it’s no different. A large part of her personality is circulated around playing video games. On top of that, she is also an otaku, watching tons of anime herself.

She mainly likes adult-themed games, although she can be seen playing normal games at times too, such as those with dancing. 

She pretends to have a cold personality, acting like a tsundere and keeps this side to herself hidden, but if she likes someone she kindly introduces them to her world.

2. Chiaki Hoshinomori (Gamers)

Chiaki Hoshinomori (Gamers)

Chiaki is a shy girl who mostly keeps to herself, and doesn’t even care about her looks until she meets the guy she begins to feel for.

Chiaki spends a lot of her time playing video games and is a huge girl gamer, but that isn’t where it stops for her. 

She actually develops games too, taking her love for them to the next level. She’s undoubtedly a very unique anime girl.

3. Umaru Doma (Umaru Chan)

Umaru Doma (Umaru Chan)

Umaru is the anime girl everyone dreams of. She’s great at studies, she’s intelligent, and she’s beautiful. 

She’s famous with all the circles in her school and everyone is fond of her personality and looks.

However, that is just an image she puts up to be popular. At home, she’s lazy, careless and spends way too much time playing video games endlessly. 

When she isn’t playing games, she just browses the internet and watches funny videos like the rest of us.

4.  Moriko Morioka (Netoju)

Moriko Morioka (Netoju)

Moriko is a 30-year-old gamer, who quit her job and decided to spend more time playing video games. She plays on a PC in her spare time, and her favorite genre of games to play is RPG.

She’s an introvert who doesn’t talk much but is always polite. She spent most of her life as single and hasn’t had any luck with an anime gamer boy online.  

Her age, personality, and hobbies make her a very unusual character for an anime series.

5.  Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

Umiko is a 25-year-old programmer and works at a company called Eagle Jump, and is also really interested in the military and its weaponry.

Naturally, her love for weapons got her into gaming, and she spends a lot of her free time playing FPS video games. 

The fact she can simultaneously manage to be a dedicated gamer, run an office and also have a social life, makes her unlike any anime character we usually see in the community.

6. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

Konata Izumi (Lucky Star) gamer girl anime

Konata Izumi is the leader of her group and is one of the most beloved anime girls in the community. She’s friendly, a little mischievous, intelligent, an otaku and a big gamer.

However, despite being smart, she has poor grades. That is because she pulls all-nighters where she plays video games until she passes out. 

Her favorite genres in games are arcade, MMORPG and eroge. However, her poor grades don’t stop her from being popular, and she is often the one everyone in her group listens to.

7. Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online) sexy anime girl

Yuuki is easily one of the most iconic waifus in the anime community, and so is the series that she comes from. 

Sword Art Online is an anime series about a group of gamers who get stuck in a virtual reality game and they have to play all the levels to escape.

Yuuki is one of the most skilled gamers among the group and contributes towards their progression. She’s dedicated and does not back down from a good challenge, and is always willing to help the people she cares about. 

She’s kawaii, yet also intimidating when she’s serious, and that’s what makes her one of the best anime gamer girls.

8. Akatsuki (Log Horizon)


Similar to Sword Art Online, Log Horizon is an anime series where the players are trapped within the world of the game and have to work together to pull through.

Akatsuki is a very skilled gamer and is finds out who she really wants to be throughout her journey in the anime series, learning more about herself in the game than she did in real life. She can be a very caring person, but when threatened she’s someone to be scared of.

9. Sakuragasaki Fubuki (Arcade Gamer Fubuki)

Sakuragasaki Fubuki (Arcade Gamer Fubuki)

Fubuki is a dedicated gamer, and as her anime series’ title implies, is a big fan of arcade games. She plays them at home, on the go with handheld consoles, and even goes to arcades to find more challenges.

She dominates the scoreboards in any game that she plays and is even good enough to win tournaments, and she beats every anime boy that she can find in the arcades. She’s one of the most realistic gamer characters in anime.

10. Himiko (Btooom!)

Himiko (Btooom!) big boobs anime girl

Himiko does not like men due to past experiences in her life and carries a stun gun with her at all times due to the trauma she went through. 

She’s distrusting of men and rejects the request to meet any of them if they ask her to, even if she’s friends with them online.

She spends a lot of her time as a gamer, playing an online game called Btooom! and she eventually meets a man there that she can trust. 

Her personality begins to show a warmer side and she finally learns how to trust others. Her dynamic with Ryōta really makes Btooom! a very interesting anime series to watch.

11. Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate The Combat Butler)

Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate The Combat Butler)

Nagi is a gamer with a short temper and is so rich that people often don’t see her as a person, rather someone they can use for her wealth. 

Despite her seeming tsundere personality, she actually cares about her friends and family.

She mostly stays home, and besides being in love with video games, she is actually into anime and manga too. A shut-in who is also a gamer and a full-fledged otaku, she is relate-able for many of us!

12. Kuroyukihime (Accel World)


Kuroyukihime is a very difficult gamer to pick a fight with and destroys most players that go against her. 

She’s one of the players that are highest on the leader-board of the virtual reality game she plays, and she earned that spot with amazing skill.

However, that’s not the only thing there is to her personality, as she can show a ruder side to herself, and can even be jealous if girls flirt with the guy she likes.

13. Subaru (.hack//Sign)

Subaru (.hack//Sign)

Subaru helps the protagonist of the .hack//Sign anime series after he wakes up in the MMORPG The World, confused and in trouble.

She’s a quiet person, but where she lacks in speech, she makes up for by being a strong gamer and plans her moves with intellect. She’s a great leader and guides the protagonist towards the right path throughout the anime’s story.

14. Rika Shiguma (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

Rika Shiguma (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

Rika used to be a shut-in before she joined the Neighbor’s Club, which helps her with her social skills. But despite that, she mostly spends her time in her private room within her school and is a loner.

Among her activities in solitude, such as movies and books, she’s into games and mostly enjoys H-games, as she has a wild imagination and thinks about the people she likes when playing them.

15. Tomoko Kuroki (WataMote)

Tomoko Kuroki (WataMote)

Tomoko is a socially awkward and introverted gamer girl. She tries her best to make more friends. Unfortunately, it does not work due to her social anxiety and she finds herself in awkward situations most of her school life.

She spends a lot of her life playing games and browsing the internet, which further contributes to her lack of experience with people. 

But at the same time, it is the only type of experience she gets to have in general, playing Otome (dating sim) games and fantasizing about herself in these situations. The storyline is what makes this a cool gamer girl anime to watch.