Top 3 Oppai Anime | What Is The Meaning Of Oppai?

Whether you have been watching anime for a while, grew up with it, or just started watching anime recently, you probably have heard the word oppai more than once. 

But what is the meaning of oppai exactly? Well, let me explain below.

Oppai Meaning Explained

To non Japanese natives, it could be mistaken as a word that is perverted, but it’s actually a word openly used by Japanese locals. 

It’s specially used within the anime and manga community, being used inside the works but also by the fans to refer to characters from them.

The meaning of oppai is varied and has a lot of context to it. To give it a quick definition before proper explanation it’s basically a reference to a woman with large breasts. 

It usually refers to a woman with large breasts. Oppai is not considered objectifying within the anime community and is frequently used by younger people including women.  

Oppai is a slang, derived from the term ‘ippai’, which means ‘a lot of’. And of course in this case, the ‘a lot of’ means a lot of breasts. 

To give you a perspective. The cup size of a woman who can be referred to as oppai would be DD and up in bra size.

Oppai In Anime

The word oppai is most prominent within the Ecchi genre of anime. Ecchi tries its best to add as many women that fit the oppai profile as possible.

The people who watch them know what they’re about to witness, cute anime girls with large breasts.

What Are The Best Oppai Anime?

Some examples of such anime, which also happen to be the most iconic ones within the anime community, would be.

Prison School

prison school anime

Prison School is one of the most notable Ecchi anime shows, and its premise is that of a harem story-line. 

The story takes us to a private academy popular for being an all-girls institute, that starts allowing male students to enroll. 

The beginning of the premise is what is described as a harem anime. One or a few anime boys are placed within multiple attractive women in an environment.

What follows afterward, is that the male students are placed in awkward situations. The females end up ignoring them due to their lack of conversational skills. 

They end up becoming peeping-toms and are quickly caught and get put in the school’s prison. It’s somehow a thing within that Japanese school.

A large majority of the female characters have large breasts, making it a great example of oppai anime. The show uses every excuse it possibly can to bounce them all over the place.  

The characters wear clothes that are often revealing of their well-endowed bouncy busts. Male characters are often caught in embarrassing situations where they accidentally grope the breasts or somehow press them. 

When lighthearted humor is mixed up with the sexual appeal of the well-endowed busts of the women, it ends up becoming comedic rather than objectifying.

High School of the Dead

oppai anime

While Prison School is more of a show that puts the characters in situations that are embarrassing and meant to tease the audience, there are more to-the-point Ecchi anime. 

High School of the Dead is another harem hentai story, where the main character is stuck in a zombie apocalypse and his team is constantly attacked by the undead creatures. 

He eventually joins a war with a team of hot, beautiful and well-endowed women who are willing to give their life for him. If you hear the word oppai, this show is definitely going to pop up in your mind.

What makes this show a different but important example is the fact this show is less subtle about the oppai factor. 

Of course, the characters are still wearing outfits that emphasize their large breasts, and they’re all over the screen and always bouncing. 

But, this show takes it a step ahead and makes the oppai aspect more direct. Featuring actual scenes that are sexually suggestive rather than simply teasing. 

The characters are seen in bikinis, there are scenes where these items are removed, the protagonist engages in sexual activity with the characters. 

Unlike Prison School, where any contact is purely coincidental and for humorous purposes. It is not to say that High School of the Dead does not use it in humorous contexts too, of course.

But the reason people watch Ecchi is not just for the oppai aspect, High School of the Dead has a lot of great fight scenes that fans love just as much as the sex appeal to the show. 

It follows a well structured plotline, just like any other fantasy anime of its kind. These tropes associated with oppai, are very common in Japanese media, extending even to live-action.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, is the third example in the oppai-emphasizing side of things in anime. 

What sets it apart is the fact this show is considered to be one of the better written anime in the Ecchi community.

It’s a normal plot-line that does not need the oppai element to keep the viewer hooked, but incorporates it anyway.

The story is about a man called Souma who has been working as a chef, and he is creative and skilled in his cooking skills. 

He dreams to be the head-chef of the Japanese restaurant he works for but unfortunately, it closes down and he has to enroll in an academy that only takes a small number of students. 

And a lot of these students who did get accepted, happen to be oppai.

The oppai element of this show is that while it has a decent story-line and is essentially a ‘normal’ anime, it slips in a bit of fan service through humorous situations. 

The most common technique it uses is that whenever the food is exceptionally good within the show, it blows off the clothes of the people eating. 

And the show has a lot of women with great bodies and large breasts, so it becomes a treat for the people watching and puts the show in the Ecchi category.

So what sets Food Wars! apart is essentially the fact it tries to avoid sexism and objectification by keeping the sexual content at a minimum. It features lighthearted humorous moments and remains an anime you can still recommend to someone who’s not into the oppai.

The Round-Up

So that’s the meaning of ‘Oppai’ and where it comes from. You should know how it’s used and incorporated within the world of anime. 

Food Wars! is an example of the ‘harmless’ incorporation of oppai. Prison School and High School of the Dead are more direct examples. 

Anything that goes farther than that in terms of sexual content crosses into the ‘hentai’ territory. That’s a term that refers to adult content within Japanese animation.

There’s a very large amount of oppai content around for us to feast our eyes on.

Conclusion On Oppai Anime

Whether you’re a male or a female, you will find yourself hearing oppai in the anime that you’re watching. 

You’ll have a way of referring to the well-endowed characters and situations related to them without feeling awkward or perverted. Just use the word in a playful manner where possible.