The 20 Best Yuri Anime Recommended List

The term Yuri means girls’ love (ガールズラブ, gāruzu rabu). It’s a genre of Japanese media focusing on intimate relationships between female characters. 

LGBT characters and series have been a part of the anime industry for decades. The anime culture here implies that every genre has equal importance, which implies that anime is not limited.

As in Yuri manga, girls have romantic relations with each other in a beautiful way. Since every person isn’t destined to love the opposite sex, it tries to convey this message to viewers.

There are so many fantastic yuri anime to watch, and you’ve come to the right place.

Candy Boy

candy boy yuri anime

Candy Boy follows the story of twin sisters Yukino and Kanade Sakurai. The story expands on the couple’s forbidden love. 

While it started only as going on dates and a little bit of hand-holding, the couple slowly started to perceive the intimacy between one another. Everything seems to be progressing smoothly until Kanade spots Yukino hanging out with Sakuya, their class fellow. 

Kanade takes her time to confirm her doubts about them both dating. This, coupled up with Yukino’s time spent at her part-time job, worries Kanade that her relationship with Yukino might be disrupted. 

Contrary to Kanade’s point of view, it turns out that in reality, Yukino was seeking advice to strengthen her bond with Kanade. 

Yuri Kuma Arashi

Yuri Kuma Arashi

The plot of this Yuri anime revolves around humanity having been colonized by humanoid bears and being isolated from the rest of the world. 

At first, humanity co-existed with this mythical race, but after a meteor hit the surface of the Earth, everything changed. The bears lost sanity and turned against humankind, and so, a Wall had to be built. 

Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino are a couple who are attending Arashigaoka Academy. They find their relationship in danger of breaking off as two bears, Lulu and Ginko, who have taken the form of humans have now infiltrated the academy.

The bears pry into Kureha’s life and unravel secrets about her that leave them shocked. Find out what these secrets were by watching this puzzling psychological series.

Yuru Yuri

yuru yuri

Yuru Yuri is basically a loli anime centered around the easy-going trio consisting of Akari Akaza, Yui Funami, and Kyouko Toshinou, who recently reunited after being apart from one another for a whole year. 

Yui and Kyouko initiated the “amusement club,” which is situated in the late tea club’s room, a year ago. With the arrival of Akari, the club gains the attention of the student council president. 

She too joins the carefree club, which exists only to amuse its members. Watch Yuru Yuri and discover how the girls spend the rest of their school life and get to know each other.


You may think that sci-fi and Yuri anime could never go hand-in-hand, but the series Simoun here might prove you wrong. The story expands upon the peaceful theocracy of Simulicram. 

The religious holy land is guarded by ancient ships called Simouns, which need a synchronized pair to be functional. In Simulicram, only females are given birth, and at the age of 17, they are given the choice to change their gender.

Simon pilots, however, must remain female. Aer, a priestess, is enlisted to be a Simoun pilot after a sudden attack by an enemy. To pilot her Simoun, she needs to find her way into the heart of Neviril. But Neviril is still bound by the shackles of her previous love. 

How will Aer break off this strong bond? 

Sweet Blue Flowers

This Yuri anime series follows the friendship of Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaira, who have been best friends since elementary school. 

When Fumi comes back after a long time, her relationship with Akira deteriorates due to the time they spent apart from each other. Just as Fumi joins Akira’s school, her upperclassman, Yasuko Sugimoto, takes notice of her and puffs her up more than the other underclassmen. 

Subsequently, Fumi begins to see Akira more frequently for finding ways to dodge Yasuko’s constant flirting. But she soon realizes that she must face these challenges head-on. She has to take the lead role in her life as she plans to no longer live under the shadows of those surrounding her.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a Yuri anime series that develops upon the life of Utena, a sword-wielding girl chosen to revolutionize the whole world. 

She meets a prince at a young age, who consoles her at the death of her parents. He parted ways after leaving her a rose crested ring and a vow to meet her in the future. 

Later, when Utena joins Ootori Academy, she realizes the function of the ring to act as a matchmaker in duels for a prize.

The prize turns out to be Anthy Himemiya, a woman with magical powers. Utena now must unravel the mysteries behind Ootori Academy and bring about a revolution throughout the world.

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle Yuri anime series revolves around the return of Hanabi to Tokyo after her 6 years-long leave. She joins Tachibanakan, a local girl’s dormitory. 

To her surprise, she encounters a female beauty who has her massive oppai out in the open, instantly falling for her as if it were love at first sight. She also reunites with Konomi Fujiwara, her childhood friend who she barely remembers. After joining the Dorm for the first time, Hanabi quickly becomes the prime focus of her roommates due to her stunning looks. 

After unraveling the bizarre events around her, she realizes that her school year will be full of surprises!

Netsuzou TRap

Netsuzou TRap

The Yuri anime revolves around two childhood friends, Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina, who each have their respective boyfriends whom they both love. 

However, things begin to take a turn for the worse when Hotaru’s behavior towards Yuma changes. Yuma then retreats to the toilet where Hotarou follows her and forces her into a locked cubicle, whispering “You’ll be more nervous with a boy, I’ll help you practice”. I think everyone was hoping for a sexy love scene at that moment.  

She also helps Yuma with her first practice kiss so that Yuma would know how to kiss an anime guy better than before. 

This leads to Yuma discovering “strange” feelings for Hotaru. What are these strange feelings, and what would happen if the girls’ boyfriends find out?

Asagao To Kase-san

Yuri anime Asagao to Kase-san talks about two girls of opposite poles attracted towards each other by a twist of fate. 

Yui Yamada is a high school girl who enjoys gardening and other feminine activities. As such, she is really shy and has never dated before. On the Contrary, Tomoka Kase is the total opposite of Yui. 

She’s a tomboy, the ace of the school’s athletics team, and consequently really popular in school. They both start dating each other and embark on their journey of first love.


With a much potent and sensual emotional relationship between the two main characters, Yuri anime Citrus will be sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. 

Yuzu Aihara is an extrovert who loves meeting new people and socializing more. Due to her mother remarrying, she has to move to a new all-girls high school. With the school’s strict ideals and an environment of over-the-top grade achievers, Yuzu finds it hard to settle in with the rest. 

On top of that, she has a face-off with Mei, the student council president, on the first day. It turns out that she is her new step sister!

Strawberry Panic

This Yuri anime series is a longer anime series than the ones mentioned before, with a hefty 26-episode run. It may be long, but that means you’ll get to enjoy this series even more.

The anime is centered around Nagisa Aoi, a transfer student who joins St. Miator’s Girls Academy. On her first day visiting the academy, she gets lost and encounters a beautiful maiden whose mere sight leads her straight to the infirmary. Of course, that was to be expected as the girl was one of the most beautiful anime girls that you will ever find.

Later, she gets to know that the beauty was the “Star” of the three top prestigious schools of Astrae. Moving forward, Shizuma, the star, gets explicit about her interest in Nagisa, making Nagisa the source of gossip throughout the school. But this all seems too good to be true to her. 

What could Shizumi be really up to?

Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san

This Yuri anime features women who have a distinctive choice of animals. Inugami is a cat-loving extrovert, whereas Nekoyama is a dog-loving introvert. Both of them feel a sense of attraction when they encounter each other, immediately leading to love. But the picture is bigger than that. 

The series also introduces cow-loving upperclassmen! What types of challenges are up ahead as Inugami and Nekoyama initiate their relationship?

Sakura Trick

This Yuri anime features much misfortune for the main characters. From being seated at the opposite ends of their classroom to entering a school that will only be functional for another three years, the word seems to be going against Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda. 

Even so, Yuu is determined to make sacrifices to make her time with Haraku more memorable. However, Yuu’s carefree conduct attracts the attention of her fellow class fellows. 

Yuu realizes the jealousy Haruka feels and so shares an affectionate kiss with her to reinforce her belief that she only belongs to her. This starts the journey of their friendship from being close friends to something more complicated. 

Riddle Story Of Devil

The Yuri anime series features Tokaku Azuma. Tokaku is chosen, along with 11 others, with the task of assassinating her soft-natured class fellow, Haru Ichinose. 

The person who will be successful in assassinating her will have her deepest ambition granted, no matter how big. However, every child is given only one chance to assassinate her. Failure leads to expulsion, turning the situation into a high-risk, high-reward scenario. In a weird turn of events, Tokaku ends up falling for Haru’s charm and ends up protecting her from the others instead!

Adachi To Shimamura

Yuri anime series Adachi to Shimamura spirals around two high schoolers who skip classes out of habit. One day Sakura Adachi meets Hougetsu Shimamura at the school rooftop. Both agree to play table tennis for some time. 

These games turn into a habit for them. They would regularly skip classes and spend their time playing ping pong.

They become great friends, growing closer day by day. Later, this feeling of friendship turns into a one-sided love for Adachi as Shimura only considers her to be a friend. How would Adachi conquer this barrier of friendship? Watch Adachi to Shimamura to find out.

Destiny Of The Shrine Maiden

A project by TNK studio, the yuri anime takes place in the village of Mahoroba. Within the village, we find two young girls who are madly in love with each other. 

Himeko is timid and unassertive, while Chikane is bold and graceful. Even so, the affection between them knows no bounds. On their birthday, the couple is attacked by one of their friends. This event unlocks the inactive Lunar and Solar priestess powers inside them. Now the whole world seems to be against them! 

Watch Destiny of the Shrine Maiden to find out more about their struggles for a peaceful life.

Konohana Kitan

Set in a spirit world where fox-folks are common the main protagonist, Yuzu is an energetic fox-girl who has started her first job ever as an attendant at the hot spring. 

Living her whole life with a nun, such work experience is fairly new to our innocent Yuzu. But even so, she plans on giving it her all. Her lively personality sparks the mood of the whole inn in this Yuri anime series.

Under the direction of the other foxes – the strict Satsuki, the lackadaisical Natsume, the critical Ren, and the silent Sakura, Yuzu gradually learns how to be a perfect hot spring attendant.

Kiniro Mosaic

This Yuri anime was aired through summer 2013. It features Shinobu Oomiya as the main character who once left Japan for a stay in England, where she became close friends with Alice Cartelet. 

Despite the language barrier between the two, both developed a special bond. Five years had passed after Shinobu visited England, and now, she received a letter written in a foreign language. 

This letter was written by Alice, talking about how she would be joining the same school as Shinobu. Shinobu introduces Alice to her other three friends and the group of five embark on their voyage of discovering new cultures.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

The series revolves around 16-year-old Mamori Tokonome, who was always bullied for her last name sounding like “virgin.” 

She later became accustomed to the bullying and thought of it as a norm. After being kidnapped and stranded on a lone island called Mermaid, Mamori meets the bold and charismatic Mirei Shikishima. 

Mirei reveals to Mamori the fact that she is an Exter. Exter is people who can turn into weapons upon being sexually aroused. As proof, Mirei kisses Mamori to initiate the Exter transformation of Mamori into a Cutlass. It is also found out that Mirei is a Liberator, with the unique ability to harness the powers of Exters.

Now the duo must both accept their fates and fight together against the other people on the island to survive till the end!

Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

With breathtaking animation and wonderful pacing, Bloom into You revolves around the love life of Yuu Koito, a girl who is eagerly waiting for her turn to experience the feeling of love. The feeling that would make her heart pound. 

When her classmate from junior high confesses to her, she realizes that love is harder to understand than she initially thought, so she politely rejects the confession. 

Later on, Yuu joins the high school and approaches Touko Nanami, the student council president, for love advice. However, she is caught off guard by Touko’s sudden confession. How will Yuu cope with this unexpected confession coming from a kawaii anime girl? Find out by watching Bloom into you!

Conclusion On The Top 20 Yuri Anime

So, that’s it, guys! This was my take on the top 20 Yuri anime of all time. I tried my best to include all kinds of different anime with unique stories that also feature some kind of Yuri love. Hopefully, you were able to find exactly what you were looking for!